Friday, June 25, 2010

Clients in Toronto

  • So to Speak English 
  • Parkdale Community Legal Services 
  • Newcomers' Action Centre 
  • Thorncliffe Neighbourhood
  • Parkdale Intercultural Association
  • Tlahuilli Mexicans in Action
  • Seminarios Abriendo Puertas
  • Flo Trading
  • VIGO Money Transfer Oakville
  • The SAP Analyst
  • Cheap and Chic ECO chick
  • The Mexican Fusion Guy
  • Cesar Chavez Life Insurance Actuary
  • DJ MON
International Clients
  • Benchetrit & Associates- Montreal, Canada
  • Solara Pharmaceutics- India
  • Goldie Zymann- Mexico/Israel
  • Yamin Brokers- Israel
  • Bonjour Bakery- Israel
  • Light World Foods- Israel
  • Coffee Toffee Restaurant- Israel
  • FILA, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, Vans- Mexico
  • Carymi Health Clinic- Mexico
  • Prigo Merchaniders- Mexico
  • Publipolis- Mexico
  • ADV Accounting- Mexico
  • Divas Café- Mexico
  • Diseño Ready-Made Studio- Mexico
  • Alterfaber Furniture Design- Mexico
  • LIT Logistic & Transportation- Mexico
  • XUL Ceramic- Mexico

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